Jiangxi JahooPak Co., Ltd.

JahooPak Speical for Logistic Packing Solution from China more than 18 years experience, dedicated to consistent quality. Our approach involves many in & AMP; AMP; AMP; AMP; AMP; AMP; AMP; Post production testing methods of all products made. Many of our original systems in place have been duplicated in the industry and have become international standards.

JahooPak Main Products has Dunnage Air Bag, Paper Slip Sheet, Plastic Slip Sheet, Paper Pallet, Plastic Pallet, Paper Corner Protector, Bolt Seal, Plastic Seal, Cable Seal, Meter Seal, Metal Seal, Padlock, PP Strap, PET Strap, Composite Polyester Strap, Lashing Strap, Cargo Bar, Jack Bar, Decking Beam, Shoring Bar, E Track, Stretch Wrap Film, Air Cushion Bag and etc.

We have produced OEM for many leading brands and continue to do so with pride. Such as Sony, LG TCL, Samsung, Coco Cola, HP and etc.

We do NOT use any second hand raw materials, yet are extremely competitive price in the world market

Customer service and speed of response is of utmost importance to us. We respond to all customers enquiries within 24 hours.
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